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A truly all-in-one: sleeping bag, quilt, blanket and insulated top.


A quilt is more versatile than a conventional sleeping bag. A blanket is more versatile than a quilt. But the As Tucas Sestrals Poncho is the most versatile piece of kit created ever.

All the benefits of quilts and blankets, plus the ability to be worn as an insulated top that keeps you warm. A real weight saver!

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As smooth & light as silk.

The new schoeller®-ftc fabric sets a new standard in ultralight fabrics. It's not only highly windproof and downproof, but it's also amazingly soft to the skin.

28  g/m2
Finished weight
12  denier
100% nylon

Bombproof insulation

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Climashield® APEX is the reference in thermal efficiency among synthetic fibers.

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  • Highly compressible.
  • Retains its loft after being compressed better than other synthetics.
  • Warmth to weight ratio: 0.024 CLO/(g/m2).
  • Available in weights from 100 to 200 g/m2.
  • Continuous filament construction, 100% polyester.
Vans Vans Bordeaux Classic Classic Vans Classic Vans Hoodie Bordeaux Hoodie Pullover Bordeaux Pullover Hoodie Pullover
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Clean and dry, naturally

ecorepel® technology provides a very high level of water and dirt repellence, without reducing fabric breathability, in an environmentally sound manner.

  • Water and mud repellent.
  • Ecological: biodegradable and free from fluorocarbons (PFC).
  • Wash permanent and abrasion resistant: finish last more than 30 washing cycles at 40°C.


  • An insulated collar not only keeps your neck warm, but also prevents the cold points and stress areas typical of simpler designs.
  • Longer than traditional quilts. Warms your neck and head as temperature drops, and provides a nice body coverage when used as a garment.
  • Wider than traditional quilts. Move and roll without creating cold drafts. Perfect for side sleepers!
  • Can be worn in "warm" or "ventilated" configuration.
  • Openable footbox. 6 snap buttons and a cord allows you to adjust the footbox opening from fully closed to fully opened.
  • Redesigned footbox closure. The new system doesn't require the use of a thermal plug to prevent heat losses.
  • Can be used as an over quilt to boost the temperature range of another quilt or bag. In this case, we recommend the wide option.
  • Minimalist bottom retention system: 2 loops with plastic snap buttons. Designed to attach two quilts together when used as an over quilt.
  • Bordeaux Vans Pullover Hoodie Vans Classic Pullover Vans Classic Bordeaux Hoodie Pullover Classic Bordeaux Vans Hoodie Big 100% cotton storage sack included.

Temperature rating

Rating a poncho is a bit complicated, as many factors are involved. However, the comfort temperatures that we assign to these ponchos, based on field testing are:

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Insulation Rating
APEX 100 +10 C
Vans Hoodie Classic Classic Bordeaux Pullover Hoodie Bordeaux Pullover Pullover Hoodie Bordeaux Classic Vans Vans Vans APEX 133 +5 C
APEX 167 0 C
APEX 200 -5 C

Vans Pullover Hoodie Classic Pullover Hoodie Bordeaux Classic Hoodie Pullover Vans Bordeaux Vans Bordeaux Vans Classic Size Guide

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Blue Sleenker Sleenker 084vd Blue 084vd Blue Diesel Diesel 084vd Diesel Sleenker zxFxH
Size User's height Length
S ≤160 195
M 161 - 175 210
Bordeaux Hoodie Vans Classic Vans Hoodie Hoodie Pullover Vans Classic Pullover Pullover Vans Bordeaux Classic Bordeaux L 176 - 190 225
XL 190 - 205 240
K way K Vincent way Marine Contrast Unwa8qdx
Width Shoulder girth Footbox girth
Regular 130 100
Wide 140 130

Values in centimeters. If in doubt, size up!

Weight Chart

Must Chevignon Brown Must Chevignon qg40SBwZBI
Regular width
Size APEX 133 APEX 167 APEX 200
S 475 560 645
M 510 605 700
L 545 650 755
XL 580 695 810
Wide width
Size APEX 133 APEX 167 APEX 200
S 570 660 750
M 605 705 805
L 640 750 860
XL 675 795 915
Regular width Wide width
Size APEX 133 APEX 167 APEX 200 APEX 133 Bordeaux Pullover Classic Bordeaux Classic Classic Hoodie Pullover Vans Hoodie Vans Bordeaux Pullover Vans Hoodie Vans APEX 167 APEX 200
Bordeaux Pullover Vans Pullover Vans Hoodie Bordeaux Classic Hoodie Classic Pullover Bordeaux Classic Vans Hoodie Vans S 475 Hoodie Classic Vans Vans Classic Vans Pullover Hoodie Hoodie Bordeaux Bordeaux Bordeaux Pullover Classic Pullover Vans 560 645 570 660 Classic Hoodie Bordeaux Vans Bordeaux Pullover Hoodie Vans Bordeaux Classic Vans Vans Hoodie Pullover Pullover Classic 750
M 510 605 700 605 Bordeaux Vans Bordeaux Bordeaux Vans Classic Classic Hoodie Vans Pullover Classic Pullover Pullover Vans Hoodie Hoodie 705 805
L 545 650 755 640 750 860
Vans Classic Bordeaux Hoodie Bordeaux Pullover Vans Vans Pullover Classic Pullover Hoodie Vans Hoodie Bordeaux Classic XL 580 695 810 675 795 915

Values in grams. Weights may vary due to the materials and the manufacturing process.